Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Good Cry

Just what we all need every now and then... a good cry. Claire and Jack demonstrate crying in unison.

The Big Cheese

This is Derek's latest impersonation... Chuckie Cheese. We're so proud.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Diana's Second Contribution to the Family Blog!

Summer 2008 Collection
Available now at the Dana home.
Derek, Megan, Claire, and Sammy show off their best.
Allison is in the background wearing... nothing, of course.

My First Contribution to the Family Blog!

Tasty Girl!
Alli shows off her latest battle wound... a lovely bite mark from a little boy at school. She's pretty tough. Her teacher said that she pushed the boy away and went back to work. Way to go, Alli!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Coolest Neighbors Ever

Let it be known that we have the coolest neighbors across the street from us. Maybe it's really not the neighbors, but their cool dog Sadie. Sadie is not the most handsome of canines, but she is a sweet heart. I think my real attachment to the dog comes from the fact that she looks just like Santa's Little Helper from the Simpson's. There, are you happy now Jenifer?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I Can't Believe It's Over

The chiropractic journey began in the fall of 2004 with a visit to my chiropractor, Parker alumn, Dr. Ty Ruddell. He asked me about going to chiropractic school and I said that I would look into it. I researched Parker College in Dallas and found it to be a highly respectable school. I decided to apply and was accepted on the day of my Aunt Opal's funeral. My wife was completely unaware that I had even applied let alone been accepted. Minutes before the funeral was to begin I received a phone call from the vice-president of admissions. I answered the phone not expecting the person on the other end to say, "Kyle, this is Opal." I stammered for a few seconds, explained what I was doing right at that moment and we both had a good laugh. Opal apologized for laughing, but if you knew my Aunt Opal this was just par for the course. A few days later I asked my wife what she thought about moving to Dallas. She questioned why we would want to do that and I explained how I had, behind her back, secretly applied for school and was accepted. After the initial shock wore off she said why not? Needless to say we left Arizona for the great Republic of Texas and began what truly has become a life changing experience. Not too many women would leave the comfort of our luxurious 1351 square foot home to become a student again with three kids. We were blessed to have sold our home at the height of the real estate boom and purchased a home in Lewisville, TX.

Through much prayer and fasting from the moment we decided Texas was the next stop, we have been fortunate to have made it through relatively unscathed. My wife would be happy to tell you how things really were, but this is a happy posting. August 16th was the day of graduation. My wife, Jack, my parents and Frank came to Dallas to see me as I walked across the stage. Deep down they wanted me to trip, but not on this day. We celebrated, with my great friend Patrick Lovett and his family, after the ceremony at a cajun restaurant near the school. Diana, Jack and my parents returned to Arizona the next day. Due to some scheduling of my radiology rotation I would be unable to return until the following Friday. I was able to sweet talk some of the professors at school and finished early and was able to surprise Diana on our 14th anniversary on August 19th. I've been hanging out at home and the office where I will practice with Dr. Ty Ruddell as soon as I get my license.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Kids go back to school!

Summer break is over, but now the real fun begins. Claire, Derek and Alli started a new chapter in their brief academic careers. August 6th was the first day of school. Claire (2nd grade) and Derek (Kindergarten) attend Benjamin Franklin Charter School in Gilbert while Alli is enrolled in the priority pre-school at Val Vista Lakes Elementary. So far, school has just been what the doctor ordered. Claire excels in reading and can't believe she has four recesses each day. Derek enjoys music and the instructor Mr. Blau. Derek also thinks he looks pretty spiffy in his school uniform. Alli can't get out of the car fast enough when we drop her off at school.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Dr. Ruddell's Office

This is a video of Dr. Ty Ruddell's office. I was in town visiting and took this video.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Well, we decided that one party wasn't enough. Tonight we celebrated Claire's birthday with our extended family. It was great to see everyone. Thanks to the grandparents for helping with dinner and Sherry for the awesome Skittle cake.