Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Something that really bothers me...

I just wanted to complain for a moment about my thumb. My sisters would tell you that I sucked my thumb until I was way too old (which would be true) and my mom always told me that I was born sucking my thumb... but that was my left thumb. I'm talking tonight about my right thumb. This thumb is a slightly neglected appendage, since I am left-handed. I've never thought much about this thumb to tell you the truth. What do they say? You never really appreciate something until it's gone? Well, my right thumb is not gone, but had a close shave on Saturday (Thanks to Dad's sharp knives and a small heap of bacon. ) Yuk. Let me tell you, life really stinks when you have a big cut on your right thumb. I've been teased for three days about my bandaids... do you know how hard it is to cover the top of a thumb with a bandaid? It takes several to get the job done. I also been wearing one rubber glove for tasks such as dishes, diaper changes, washing my face, and cleaning. But the hardest thing I have had to do is try and shower without my right thumb! Such a small thing, I know, but it really bothers me!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Valentine

I'm blogging way too late and just now realizing that it is now officially Valentine's Day. We plan on celebrating late into the night with lots of laundry to fold and an episode or two of the Office. Ah, the years have been good to us. Aren't we lovely? Happy Valentine's Day!

Claire's Pancake

She ate it with syrup, too!

Winter in Arizona

Claire Marie fished a little and played alot!
My Dad (Frank, Grandpa Sumsion, or sometimes Ernie, when my sisters and I are feeling especially silly.)
Alli Girl had to do it all by herself, of course!

D-man looked like a pro from the start casting his own line and reeling it in every two minutes. I think he caught the most "veggie-fish" out of all of us.
Looks pretty rough, huh? Unfortunately, the only thing we caught that day was Grandpa's elbow. Oops.

Autumn in Arizona

This is melting Jenifer's heart right now... :)

Everyone knows that our seasons are all mixed up here. So, this was in January. We played with those leaves in the greenbelt close to our house as much as we could before the landscapers came and hauled them all away. It lasted about a week.

Friday, February 13, 2009

A New Life Begins

The Lovely Sumsion Girls
In order from youngest to oldest, of course!
(Diana, Laura, Debra, Sherry)Michelle, dad (Frank), Diana, Laura, Debra, Sherry, and Cheryl
(Michelle and Cheryl are mom's sisters.)
It's the new life that continues on with only memories of my mother. When my phone rings, I still catch myself wondering if it's mom. "Just checking in, " she'd always say. And now, time marches on. Kids have school, work, bills, life calls me back to reality. I'm left with a feeling not of sadness, but gratitude. So, thank you mom for a wonderful life!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Earla Gay Butler Sumsion
December 16, 1936 - January 28, 2009
We'll miss you mom!