Sunday, August 23, 2009

Aren't they lovely, kids?

August 19, 1994

Here we are... Dumb and Dumber. I won't tell you who is who. It changes hourly anyway. I meant to post something on our anniversary, but things just got crazy that day! We ended up sitting on the floor at 9:00pm, eating take out from Joe's BBQ, and watching an episode of the Office. Not too shabby!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

More "Danas"

The toaster broke down, again. Every time this happens we wonder if this is the end. That van has been pushed beyond the limits of what any vehicle can tolerate... and that was before we inherited it. Poor Toaster! Like many things in my life, I have a love-hate relationship with that car and truly I would be sad to see it go because I'd probably end up with something like this:

When really, I would want something like this:

What actually would be the most practical would be something like this:

But, luckily my dad doesn't mind us borrowing his van. AND, we have little bright spot today! Our brand new trampoline that broke on Claire's birthday (almost killing two of her friends in the process) will be replaced. Happy thought, indeed!

Monday, August 17, 2009

The "Danas" of Our Lives

Today I am grateful for Physical Therapists. Mine says that if I am lucky, I might be able to run again someday. My first goal is to start walking without a limp.

Friday, August 14, 2009

For Jenifer...

Just thought Jack needed a little more representation

First Day of School

It's like we never had a break! The summer just went by so fast! Here's Alsie going to pre-schoool... again!
Claire Bear, Third Grader

D-man, First Grader

Happy Birthday, Claire!

Miss Claire turned 9 on August 4th. Here's the pre-party sleepover with the Woodard girls. The next day, we took some friends to pizza and roller skating. After that... cake and ice cream, of course!
There's our girl!

Ah... California!

Here are some pictures of our adventures in California this summer. Unfortunately, we lost our camera case at the Huntington Library and it had our other card with all of our pictures on it. But, we did have these! This is one of my favorite places to go in the LA area. It's called the Huntington Library. They have lovely gardens and galleries and a great area for kids.
That's our group, plus my sister Debbie and her daughter, Katie.

Classic Kyle!

Claire in the kids' area.

The children. It was a hot day and they were melting!

Newport Beach... perfect day! And we ate at the Crab Cooker on Balboa Island. We always get clam chowder, crusty bread, shrimp cocktail, and crab cakes for the kids. It's the best!
Derek thought this was so cool. He had to have a picture.

Alli, Katie and Jack

Role Play

Alli's pre-school teacher just called me and said that they played an interesting game yesterday. Alli told her teacher to play Jesus and she would play Samuel the Lamanite. Anyone who is acquainted with Alli at all knows about her penchant for drama. I'm just glad that some of our family home evening lessons are getting through! And... luckily her teacher is LDS, so she played along!

Monday, August 10, 2009

We're home!

Back from a long trip to California! Too bad I sprained both of my ankles just before we left. Oh well. I got to sit by the pool and read quite a bit. We have some great pictures to share, but I am swamped getting the kids started in school and starting my pre-school and art classes here at home. We'll post something new soon!! Glad to be home!