Sunday, November 29, 2009

Movie, anyone?

Yep, I've now seen it three times. How embarrassing! But, when you are confined to a wheelchair in your house, you are willing to go to great lengths to get out! If anyone wants to go see a movie, I come with handicap parking and great seating in the theater. I will even see New Moon again, if it means a couple of hours of fresh air! Give me a call!

Friday, November 27, 2009

We're back!

I know we haven't posted anything new for a couple of months. I (Diana) had a bit of an accident (see two posts down), and frankly, I just haven't felt up to doing much at all, blogging included. Now, that the crisis is passing and I am recovering, hopefully, we can get right back into our usual blogging routine. I'm sure that ya'll can't wait. :)

Random pictures from the last two months...

Claire pulls out another tooth all by herself!

Derek, at the splash pad... this is where I broke my ankle!

Allsie playing doctor and "helping" me with my recovery.

Jack is a total camera hog! Always smiling!

Sweet Allsie girl! Just being cute!

The night before surgery, Allie's birthday party. I was attempting to stay conscious long enough to get through the party. Sitting next to me is my dad and newly appointed taxi driver (since I can't drive now.)

Two Dana boys... Grandpa and Jack. No resemblance at all there! :)

The Dana kids at the splash pad on October break.

Megan and Claire shooting bottle rockets.

Claire's trying to sneak Jack to school, I guess. Good luck!

Allie's 5th Birthday

Neighbor, Jen, made Allie a tutu... so of course, Derek has to model it!
... and Jack has to fight over the gifts!

New jammies! Cool!

Sweet girl! Can't believe she's five years old!

The Reason for my Recent Bloggong Laziness

In the ER... ankle broken in two places. Oh, wait... the x-ray shoes that both of my ankles have been broken all summer! What we thought were sprains, were actually fractures! The right ankle didn't heal properly causing it to break all the way!
My other ankle is still healing from a fracture in June... so, I can't be hoping around on crutches too much! Luckily, my niece's husband, Matt, borrowed an electric wheelchair from his grandmother. What a life saver!

Bonus! I got to have surgery! One plate, half a dozen or so screws, and some wire! (We called this bandage "The Q-Tip"!

Yummy post op picture! The other side of my ankle looked about the same.

My "cast". I get to live in this boot and my wheelcahir for six weeks. Thanks to my ward, my friends and family and most of all my hubby, Kyle... for all the help and prayers and just general happy thoughts!


Megan (Pocohontas), Jack (Frankenstein), Sammy (Ballerina), Claire (Gothic Princess), Derek ("Dark" Vader), and Allie (Spanish Dancer)

Are they related?

Pictures of the Kids!