Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Easter Beagle is Coming!

My kids love everything Peanuts Gang... I think that their mother might have inspired that. Anyway, we love to celebrate the holidays with a little Charlie Brown!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sticker Body Art!

This is what happens when Kyle is left "in charge". Jack was asleep in his crib or else he too would be covered in stickers. The kids were nice enough to adhere them to the hot chocolate table when they were done.

Need your house baby proofed?

We now offer free home baby proofing. No house is too big or small. Give us twenty minutes and all clutter will be placed three feet above ground level. All other items including dust bunnies, pencil shavings and gravel will be thoroughly removed by salivary sanitation. In case you couldn't guess, Jack has learned how to crawl and is in the process of mastering the classic stand up manuever.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Just can't help myself!

We borrowed the first three season DVD's from our friends the Crismons and just got sucked into life in Scranton. With my mom having just passed away, I felt like I needed a laugh. The first episode I watched was the one where Michael burns his foot on his George Foreman grill while trying to cook bacon in bed. I could not catch my breath, I was laughing so hard. I know Kyle was laughing more at me than the show!

Found a short video of that episode. It's at the bottom of our blog!

Creepy, but Cute

Saturday was Sammy's birthday. In case you don't know, Sammy is one of our neighbors that we just love to pieces. Anyway, she invited us to go to the Ostrich Farm. So, here's a picture of one the many ostriches we tried to feed by hand. They are pretty creepy looking, but you just can't help but like them. For some strange reason, they ended up being kind of cute.
Derek's ostrich imitation...

They had other animals to feed as well. Deer, donkeys, obnoxious little green birds... Here's Claire and Sammy feeding the birds.

Here's the group in front of the deer. Thanks for a fun day, Sammy!

Easy Rider

Allison had a field trip last week... and this is what they did. Fun! The name of her horse was "Easy" and that made me feel better. Once they had Alli riding, I realized I had nothing to worry about. The horse could hardly stay awake! Alli kept shouting, "Faster! Faster!" I know that surprises many of you who know her well. :)

Dirty Laundry

It never seems to be finished... the laundry. I can't ever seem to stay ahead of it! I stay up late at night doing laundry and by the next day, there's more! And then I have two girls who think they have to wear fourteen different outfits everyday. Of course, they only wear them long enough to get a spot of yogurt or toothpaste down the front. Oh well, I guess I should be glad that they can at least read their names, right?