Friday, November 21, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

May 2004
So, here we are on a business trip with a former co-worker of Kyle's ( and his wife)... you know, when Kyle and I had another life. This would be pre-chiropractic school. We went to Monterey Bay in California. It was gorgeous! I probably would have liked to trip alot better if I hadn't been throwing up the whole time though. (This was when I was pregnant with Allison.) I actually have a really funny story about throwing up in the bathroom at the Pebble Beach Club House... you should ask me about it sometime. I'll just say that I felt really bad for the "bathroom attendant" who had to listen to it all and to top it off... they only provided real towels for their bathroom guests and I had some cleaning up to do. Not pretty.

Here are the instructions.
1. Go to your pictures
2. Upload the fourth picture in the fourth file.
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I tag whoever happens to read this... do it if you want!


Jenifer said...

I didn't recognize you in this picture! Duh. sounds like a fun trip, but I really need to hear the full story;)

Laura said...

I want to hear the story! Maybe Thursday, during dinner. That'd be good conversation. :-)

Alisa (Hanny) said...

How weird that Kyle is a DOCTOR! Doesn't it freak you out that we're all grown-ups now? Crazy! Congratulations!