Friday, February 13, 2009

A New Life Begins

The Lovely Sumsion Girls
In order from youngest to oldest, of course!
(Diana, Laura, Debra, Sherry)Michelle, dad (Frank), Diana, Laura, Debra, Sherry, and Cheryl
(Michelle and Cheryl are mom's sisters.)
It's the new life that continues on with only memories of my mother. When my phone rings, I still catch myself wondering if it's mom. "Just checking in, " she'd always say. And now, time marches on. Kids have school, work, bills, life calls me back to reality. I'm left with a feeling not of sadness, but gratitude. So, thank you mom for a wonderful life!


Brandon & Shelly said...

You are so strong. I have been thinking about you so often. You are such an amazing women, I am lucky just to know you, let alone be able to call you my friend. Please know I am here for you. I think a scrap retreat is calling our names.

Erickson Family said...

I honestly can't even imagine! You are an amazing women and have such a positive outlook on life. That is one of the many qualities that I just LOVE about you!!!

Laura said...

Very nice, Nimmie. It's true, isn't it? Great post, except that I'm feeling a little misty eyed. No fair! Love you!

AZ Chadwick's said...

Ditto to Laura! Thanks for taking the time to post. Maybe I'll get to mine some time.
Love you!