Friday, May 1, 2009

Project Man Castle

We came, we saw, we conquered! My sisters, my aunts, Carol (my mother-in-law)... we descended on my dad's house and helped him clean, sort, organize, and dispose of my mother's many treasured treasures. And let me tell you, there were some treasures, and many of them! Some of my favorite finds:

1. The notes and receipts from planning my wedding almost 15 years ago. Also, found the flowers from my wedding.

2. Found mom's wig from when she had cancer. (In tact with wig brush, shampoo, and styling utensils.) We had fun trying it on and modeling for the camera.

3. Jar of peppercorns older than me! Way older!

4. Mom's favorite college clothes. Sweaters, slacks, skirts, scarves... Still stylish, but all wool, very itchy, and not practical, especially for Arizona.

5. A polaroid camera, with extra film, a 35mm camera with film, and the other kind of camera that's so old, I don't even know what to call it... with extra film!

We worked hard all week and after several loads to DI and lots of dust and grime, I'm proud to say that the only thing we fought over were some favorite DVD's from mom's vast collection. Sherry and I claimed all the Esther Williams movies to keep in Arizona, but we lost the Doris Day collection. Kyle's heart is broken. :)

My dad's now set up in his "man castle"... all the years of junk are hauled away and I'm feeling that things are finally coming to a close. The cobwebs have been cleared and the dust has settled on another beautiful journey. I can spend this Mother's Day, enjoying my own family and once again feeling grateful for all the beautiful memories I have of my own mom.


Laura said...

So lovely, Nim. It was a good time, even if Esther stayed in AZ. (Grrr. :-) ) Love the picture of the African violets. Perfect. Love you!

Nola said...

I love this post and the list of things/treasures that you found. What a great mom!

Sherry said...

Great way to start the Mother's Day week! It was fun and lots of wonderful memories to keep us smiling! Love you!

Holly said...

I loved going through and helping organize my grandparents things! It was so cool to see what they had saved and I learned even more about them.

Brandon & Shelly said...

you are amazingly positive. Happy Mothers Day!