Friday, August 14, 2009

Ah... California!

Here are some pictures of our adventures in California this summer. Unfortunately, we lost our camera case at the Huntington Library and it had our other card with all of our pictures on it. But, we did have these! This is one of my favorite places to go in the LA area. It's called the Huntington Library. They have lovely gardens and galleries and a great area for kids.
That's our group, plus my sister Debbie and her daughter, Katie.

Classic Kyle!

Claire in the kids' area.

The children. It was a hot day and they were melting!

Newport Beach... perfect day! And we ate at the Crab Cooker on Balboa Island. We always get clam chowder, crusty bread, shrimp cocktail, and crab cakes for the kids. It's the best!
Derek thought this was so cool. He had to have a picture.

Alli, Katie and Jack


Ginger said...

Oh, how I love the beach. We haven't been able to go the past two years. I'm glad you had fun.

Laura said...

Love Huntington Library. Sorry about the lost camera bag. That stinks. But these pictures are good.

Laura said...

Um, was that the lamest end to a comment ever? The correct answer is yes. I love your pictures. I'm dense. Sorry. :-)

Laura said...

Seriously, give me buck teeth and call me a red neck. "'Emmer some good phot-ohs ya done got there."