Friday, January 1, 2010


What to do... what to do... when you have six kids laying around, no money to spend, you can't drive anywhere, and you have one massive lemon tree (We call it a lemon weed.) ? You take lemons and you make lemonade!

Juicing... for three hours... my kitchen has never smelled so clean or been so sticky.

Sweet and sour.

D-man, the machine!

Cutting, cutting, cutting

and, cutting some more!



We also sold lemons in bags, lemon bars, sticky popcorn, and sugar free lemonade. The kids pulled in about $40. Not bad for a lemonade stand! It also kept them busy and exhausted for two days!


Lori ~ LL-K said...

How fun!!

Laura said...

Yum! I want some. And $40?!? Fantastic!

Sherry said...

Way to go! And it was all very yummy. Good job girls and D-man.

Brandon & Shelly said...

I have never seen a lemonade stand in the middle of the winter. I guess that is one of the pro's of living in AZ! Miss you guys tons. Thanks for the blog update, it's great seeing what you guys are doing!