Sunday, November 2, 2008

California Trip Part 2 - San Diego

We spent the afternoon playing at the beach in Mission Bay, San Diego. Claire gathered sea shells without a single hint of a lisp. Derek made sand angels. Allison wrote her name in the sand. And Jack looked unimpressed with it all. The star fish were exposed due to the low tide. Funny how even star fish can skip across the water like a rock.

The San Diego Temple was just a few miles from our hotel. We took a drive up I-5 to get a closer look at the temple. I didn't see any Vote Yes on Prop 8 signs on the property, but we know where the Church stands.

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Brandon & Shelly said...

okay so I just read through about 10 new entries and it looks like you have been busy and having a blast! Diana you look so good. I can't believe that you have a baby just a couple of months ago. Love that Alli is still naked, it make me feel like life isn't changing too quickly. Glad to see you guys happy and healthy. Keep the posts coming!