Sunday, November 2, 2008

California Trip Part 4 - Disneyland

Everyone needs a picture like this, don't you think?
I think it moved. Just a little. Can you see the muscles flexing? Really. My sweet, shy, little Derek is a roller coaster fiend! I could hardly get him to stop long enough to eat and use the bathroom. He wanted to ride!

Alli choose the Minnie Mouse princess hat, of course. Here she is having a bit of a rest. For those of you who know Alli, she possesses boundless energy. I think that in this case, Disneyland won. She was pooped!

Hands down, the best time of year to go to Disneyland! The weather is great and the entire park is decked out in Halloween stuff. The Haunted Mansion is decorated "Nightmare Before Christmas" style. My kids love the movie and loved the ride. I think Space Mountain may have tied for first in the favorites department though.

They also had a parade and fireworks! It was a very cool show! It was a very cool day!


Laura said...

We totally agree that Halloweentime is the best! We loved it last year. Fun pictures.

Sherry said...

How is that Derek will ride forever and I can't even get Jacob to try it??? I'm glad you had such a fabulous time! You all deserved every minute of it.


eastman5* said...

Your pictures are making me so excited and jealous!!! :) We can't wait until we can go when Paul is done with school! You guys have had a long 3 years and really deserved a vacation like this!! I am so glad to see you had so much fun!