Sunday, November 2, 2008

California Trip Part 5 - Vacationing at the "White" House

After our day at Disneyland, we took it easy spending time with our cousins. Here we are at the park with my sister, Debra, and her dog Lizzie... and yes, my sister is a fan of Jane Austen stories, so you'll know the origin of her dog's name. :)
One thing we can always count on when vacationing at the White's Resort is good food and lots of it! Deb (my sister) and I had a girls' night out (with Jack) and went to a restaurant called The Dish. Pretty much everthing was amazing and we left with desserts to share with the whole family. The next day, we tried the Brazillian BBQ. These men walk around with skewers of meat and when you give them the "green light", they come and give you a slice on your plate. They also have a "salad bar" that actually includes some salad, but I kept going back for the mashed potatoes. I'll just say that Kyle and I didn't really eat another meal until we got back to Arizona!


Laura said...

Yeah, those Whites know their way around a good time, don't they? Looks like fun!

ducklips said...

Sounds like a fun vacation.

I love your short hair! It looks fab on you.